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Square Trampolines

Square Trampolines

Trampolines have become extremely popular over the past ten years.  Since they have become so popular, new advances in the design of trampolines have emerged and we have seen numerous different models of trampolines hit the market.  One different model from the traditional round trampoline that has gained a lot of popularity is the square trampoline.  What a lot of consumers want to know is if the square trampoline is any better than the round trampoline or if it has disadvantages to the round trampoline.

One component of why people buy square trampolines is because marketing is involved.  People want to have something unique compared to everyone else out there.  Even though the square trampoline is becoming more popular, people still want to stand out and add their own taste to it.  Consumers have to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with buying something just because of the way it looks. 

In reality, the square trampoline actually does have more bounce than its competitor (the round trampoline).  The round trampoline does not provide its user with maximum bounce because its surface does not have as much give to it than the square trampoline thus making the bouncer not go as high.  In a square trampoline, the special pattern allows for the springs to be shaped a certain way and thus creating a better bounce for the user. 

Did you know that the unique arrangement of the springs actually creates a more evenly distributed bounce?  On round trampolines it is different, a user will find out that when jumping on a round trampoline the bounce is the best in the center.  When jumping on a square trampoline it is like jumping in the center of a round trampoline every time.  Another advantage of a square trampoline is the jumper is less prone to ankle injuries because of the unique layout of the springs creates an even bounce throughout the whole surface. 

Lastly, the shape that a consumer chooses can impact how much room it takes up in your yard.  A square trampoline takes up less space because of its squared off corners and its flat edges.  A square trampoline is also easier to move out of the way if you need the yard for other purposes. 

If you haven’t considered the shape of the trampoline you want, I urge you to think about it carefully.  As you can see, the shape of the trampoline you choose can directly influence the enjoyment that a user gets out of it.

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