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Springless Trampolines

Springless Trampolines

The joys of jumping on a trampoline are something that many people have come to know and associate with summertime.  However, if you have the right location, the joys of jumping on a trampoline can be experienced all year round.  One invention that has gained a whole lot of popularity lately has been the springless trampoline.  The springless trampoline, like the name says, does not have exposed springs which have caused numerous injuries, accidents, and even some deaths.

There are plenty of benefits that come with the springless trampoline.  The increased safety come first and foremost.  Every edge of the trampoline is now safe unlike trampolines with springs where you are instructed to stay away from the springs.  You might be asking yourself “what holds the trampoline together if there aren’t any springs?” Elastic bands hold the trampoline together which eliminates the dangers of the springs.  An advantage of the elastic bands is that it allows the bouncer to jump higher compared to a traditional trampoline with springs. 

Some pros to a springless trampoline, beside the fact that you can jump higher, is that the mat is easy to replace if it would ever be damages.  Another pro is that the trampoline will not rust because there aren’t any springs.  Another pro is that you get more bang for your buck.  The springless trampoline is priced the same as your traditional trampolines, but the springless trampolines have more pros than the traditional trampolines.  The last pro to a springless trampoline is that you can rely on it to last longer because of the elastic bands and because there aren’t any springs.  The bands are able to give you more bounce and are less likely to break compared to springs.  It is also better if you put your springless trampoline outside because the elastic bands are more resilient to the sun and moisture. 

One thing to consider when buying a springless trampoline is to make sure it come with a safety net.  The safety net will go around the trampoline and protect jumpers from injury.  The net does not go around the top of the trampoline so you can jump as high as you would like. 

Before purchasing a springless trampoline you will want to keep in mind the place where you would like to put it.  Before ordering you trampoline you will want to measure out the space in which you would like to put it and make sure it will definitely fit. 

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