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High School Graduation Gifts

Choosing High School Graduation Gifts

Only a few decades ago typical high school graduation gifts consisted of watches, maybe a used car, or even a trip before starting college.

Nowadays, it's an entirely new ballgame. With the advent of technology and the fall of the economy, families are looking for great gifts that don't necessarily break the bank. Even though watches are still considered a nice gift, most kids have had watches for years. They no longer are eager to get an expensive watch that is expected to last a lifetime, and few have any interest in getting grandpa's watch which was meant to be part of his legacy.

Nope. Kids want technology. Of course, a lot of this technology is even better if you can wrap it in a car. And that's quite possible, and even fairly affordable for many families. With the influx of tiny cars meant for city driving, incredible gas mileage, and low price tags, tech companies have quickly learned that younger adults are the target market for these cars and have partnered with the car manufacturers to offer technology only found in luxury vehicles, till now. Bluetooth, GPS, satellite radio, emergency responders, and automatic parallel parking with rear view cameras not only interest the kids, they are very interesting to the parents who learn that cars equipped with these extras are much cheaper to insure.

If a car isn't really in the budget, there's not a kid out there who wouldn't give his eye teeth for an iPhone, iPad, or "i" anything. Assuming he doesn't already have one, the promise of one of these gadgets might even get him to finish his final thesis on time and actually graduate!

Depending on the area, many grads are actually looking for something much more personal - like cosmetic surgery - and many parents are giving in. Things like teeth whitening, veneers, nose jobs, lipo, hair extensions or invisible braces are big on many campuses, and almost a rite of passage in many cities.

Some savvy kids who aren't planning on heading to college in the fall are even asking for clothes so they can head right out to work. Interview suits, etc. Are becoming more popular as the economy continues to decline and more families are having to delay college tuition payments until things get better.

If you really can't think of a good gift, just ask. Kids are full of ideas!


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