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Hot Gifts This Year For Going Green

Hot Gifts This Year For Going Green

It is very popular these days to want to be green and eco friendly. When considering gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s day, birthdays or even the holidays, there are many great gifts that will be appreciated and that are considered green. Choosing the hot gifts this year that are considered green is going to make you a favorite among your family and friends.
One of the hottest trends is switching over from plastic or hardwood cutting boards to those that are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a great resource as it is easily and quickly replenished. Another great reason to use one is that no dyes are used and it is harder than other types of cutting boards. This means that it is less likely to soak up water and meat juices and will be more sanitary than a traditional wood cutting board.

For the entertainer in the family who love to barbeque, solar powered tiki torches are a great option. They do not need harmful fuels or electricity to give off hours of simulated flames. Those who receive this eco friendly gift will love the thoughtfulness as well as the energy savings they offer.

How many times have you heard your father or mother complain when the electric bill comes in as the wonder where all the electricity is being consumed?  With an electric consumption power meter, they can know for sure what is using the electricity and what is not. There is no more guessing and installation is it as easy as plugging the unit in to the outside power meter.

Those who take care of the garden and outdoor chores are going to love having a reel lawn mower that works just as easily as an electric or gas one does. They can be adjusted to have the lawn the length that is wanted and there is no need to plug it in or measure out the right amount of oil and gas ratio. A green lawn mower for a green lawn is a great gift for the landscaper in the family.

A solar charger can be a great gift for the person on the go who cannot leave their electronic toys behind or who needs to have their cell phones for an emergency. Leave it in the sun and it can charge a cell phone quickly so that it can be used to make calls. This leaves the car battery ready to go and this solar panel can actually charge more than just a cell phone!

Why bother with everyday gifts that lack a green aspect to them?  Instead, give your loved on a thoughtful and green gift that will last a lifetime. They will appreciate it much more than anything else that they receive. Green gifts are sure to be the hot gifts this year and some of the most appreciated.

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