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What are The Hot Christmas Gifts This Year

What Are The Hot Christmas Gifts This Year

Who does not love buying gifts for the little ones in their life? Seeing their faces light up while they rip off the wrapping paper of a gift that they really want is priceless. In order to get that special gift that they desire you need to know, what are the hot Christmas gifts this year.

The babies on your list will be the easiest so we will begin there. Stuffed animals or things that rattle are so over. It is all about play mats. Not just any play mats, either. We are talking about the ones that have soft bars across the tops with toys dangling from them. This can entertain a child below the age of one for several minutes at a time. Minutes may not sound long, but if you are a parent you know that those minutes count.

Toddlers are beginning to develop their personalities, for better or for worse, at this age. They need toys that will get their attention and allow them to continue to grow mentally. Some popular items are stackable toys and puzzles. Kids will wonder how these work and love trying to figure them out. Another popular item out there is the Leapfrog TAG Junior Reading System. They do not need to know how to read to use this. It is designed to work no matter where the reading device is placed. It will make music, sounds, or read words.

Many parents are looking for ways to keep their children active and not stuck sitting around playing video games. Well, this highly sought item combines both. The Zippity High Energy Learning System is a lot of fun for the pre-schoolers. They get to move, jump, and dance around, all the while watching their favorite Disney characters on television.

Elementary school age children are influenced not only by what they like, but by what their friends like. After Christmas, they will talk to their friends about what they got and compare. There are a lot of imaginative and creative items that Crayola has come out with. Those are going over well with the children. For the little girls in your life there is a new Dora doll. They can play games on the computer with the doll or just play with the doll. For all the little boys you know there are some Transformer items as well as the ever popular Star Wars toys.

When they get be to around the teenage years it can get tricky. They no longer want little baby toys and they know that Santa is a myth. If you play your cards right, they can be happy, too. The most popular gifts for this age range are going to be a gaming system such as Wii, Xbox, and Playstation. Some other well liked items will be a digital camera or laptop.

The almighty gift that never goes out of style is the gift card. This option should only be used in the event that you are unable to figure out what to get a person on your list. These are great, though. That way, they can choose their own gift. Remember this motto when doing your Christmas shopping, when it gets too hard, they get a gift card.


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