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Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Her

What Are The Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Her?

It can be difficult to purchase a great gift for the special woman in your life if it seems as though she has everything. Gift cards can be very impersonal and many women want a gift that shows some thought. So what are the top ten Christmas gifts for her that she will love and appreciate?

Lighting is always a great choice and two options that stand out are scented candles or a unique lamp that will match her bedroom or living room. Choose scented candles that have a distinct aroma she likes. For instance, if she wears vanilla perfume, choose an expensive vanilla candle. For the lamp, pick something unique that sets your choice of lamp apart from the rest but which still matches the home.

If you are well acquainted with the woman in question, negligee is a gift that she will appreciate and that you will love as well. Accompany the negligee with a fine robe that will keep her warm and that she can snuggle up with. She will actually probably love the robe more than the negligee.

For the techno woman geek, any gadgets are a great idea such as an iPad or iPhone. Add a nice case or skin to protect the gift and make sure that it lasts. It may even be a good idea to put them on before you give them to her as the last thing you want is for her to get excited and drop or throw them by accident when she opens them up.

Two more great gift ideas can also be purchased together to offer double the pleasure for her is a nice expensive bottle of sparkling wine or champagne and some custom glasses. You can share this with her or cook her brunch one morning and have mimosas. The glasses can be used for years making them a permanent gift.

The final two gifts should also be given at the same time and they are a new digital camera and a media card that has a lot of storage for all her photos. She is going to love taking pictures of you to share with her family and friends online. These gifts will last forever and will be truly appreciated by your special lady.

There are many other gifts that women are going to love, that do not cost much and that can be bought in tandem. Buying two gifts that go together is much better than just giving one. Even the fussiest woman is going to love any of the above top ten Christmas gifts.

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