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Most Simple Crazy String Clean-up EVER!

Virtually everyone digs silly string and almost everyone digs using a can, or several, when partying, playing a prank, or having a Silly String war. Although it is very fun and one of the most popular and widely used party supplies, it can be messy and a bit of a chore to clean up. Silly string is tons of fun and it is nearly impossible to resist spraying copious cans on your buddies, but then it is all over, the guests go home, and you are left to clean-up the aftermath on your own. Being stuck with hours of picking silly string out of carpet, upholstery and other hard to clean areas is not nearly as fun as spraying it.

The cost of clean-up is easily outweighed by the benefit of the tons of fun had by everyone during a Silly String battle! So, lets discuss how to ensure the clean-up is as simple as possible, how to avoid any damage it may cause, and items and areas that should be avoided.

Silly String usually comes up off the floor and out of clothes easily, but for the easiest clean up it is best to use it outside. It can be time consuming to remove from upholstery and carpet. If you spray it within reach of a garden hose, Silly String dissolves in water pretty easily, making quick work of the clean-up.

Although it is generally not difficult to remove Silly String from clothing, it is always best to avoid wearing your favorite clothes, especially tightly knit sweaters. While most places are safe, there are some steps you can take to prevent difficult messes, injuries and other problems. Firstly, make sure that if you are in a public place, such as a park, that you are aware of any possible rules against items like silly string. Also make sure that you avoid spraying directly at people's faces. Silly String can also deface paint jobs on objects like the side of a house or a automobile.

Observe these suggestions and watch as your fun skyrockets with Silly String, and your post party stress plummets!

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