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Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

What Are The Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year?

Most people know that the 50th anniversary of a wedding is the golden anniversary, and the traditional gift is gold. Another easy one is the 25th anniversary, the silver anniversary, and of course, the traditional gift is silver. How many of the other wedding anniversary gifts by year can you recall?

How did this tradition get started, and how many people still find it important enough to follow? In the twenty first century, especially in the United States, it is safe to assume only a small minority find it important enough to strictly adhere to. Those who do, take pride in honoring tradition and tend to find a genuine satisfaction in doing so.

Nobody can say exactly when the tradition began, but we know we have the Germans to thank, (or to blame, depending on your point of view). Several hundred years ago, when German couples would reach their 25th wedding anniversary, family and friends would celebrate and present the wife with a silver wreath.

Part of the celebration was for the marriage, but it was also to celebrate that both members had survived, since the longevity factor was not nearly what it is today. In the rare times when a couple reached their 50th anniversary, a gold wreath was presented to the wife.

Somehow, through the years, more gifts were assigned to more years. They are not the same across the various cultures, so listed below, please find the traditional gifts for the anniversaries, as celebrated in the United States: The first year is the paper anniversary, and the second year is cotton. Leather is for year number three, while fruits & flowers is for year four.

The fifth anniversary is wood, & the sixth is iron. Year seven is the wool year. The eighth year is bronze, while year nine is pottery and year ten is tin. The eleventh anniversary is the year for steel. Year twelve is all about the silk, and lucky thirteen is lace. The fourteenth anniversary was originally ivory, but since it is pure evil to kill an elephant, the modern switch to opal has been made. Year fifteen is the year of the crystal.

At this point, we count by fives. (Don't ask why; it is a tradition.) Year twenty is china. Year twenty five, we know is silver. The thirtieth anniversary is pearl and year thirty five was coral, but since it is a beautiful living thing, the alternate, Jade, has replaced it. Year forty is the ruby. The forty fifth anniversary brings us sapphire, and of course number fifty is the golden year. Year fifty five is the emerald year and the sixtieth is diamond. Now you know the wedding anniversary gifts by year.


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