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One Year Anniversary Gifts

One Year Anniversary Gifts Do Not Have To Be Paper Anymore

While traditionalists may think that they have to give the proper gift for each anniversary, in this day and age, one year anniversary gifts do not have to be paper anymore. There are many great gifts for that special couple that can be paper, but they do not have to be limited to it. Take the time to find the perfect gift for the loving couple, even if it is not considered traditional.

Modernists consider the clock to be the proper one year anniversary present for the newly married couple. There are many different styles of clocks that can improve the look of the newlywed’s home. The one clock that should be avoided is a simple alarm clock though. Let's face it, an alarm clock does not exactly scream "effort" on your part.

Instead, opt for a more modern look by getting a clock that is made of glass or silver framed. One that can be hung on the wall can be a great addition to any room, while one that sits on a table is perfect for a sitting or bedroom. The gift will not only enhance the room, but will also have them remembering how thoughtful your present was.

For those couples who are sports fanatics, how about choosing a clock with their favorite sports team on it to spruce up the game room?  This is practical and they are going to love the thoughtfulness. You are also guaranteed that they will love it, well at least he will.

If a clock is not your idea of a great gift, then choose something that the couple can really use. A gift card so they can pick up some extra kitchen items or other items that may be needed can be very thoughtful. Times are tough and funding their next trip to their favorite store will surely be appreciated.

A quick peek on the Internet can also provide some great gift ideas for the couples who are hard to shop for. Some people have everything already, so finding something that they need may be a problem. This is particularly true for those who lived together before they were married and have a full household.

Just because it is the first anniversary does not mean that traditional one year anniversary gifts are a must. There are many great ideas that every couple is going to love. As long as you or they are not stuck on tradition, the only real thing that is important is that a gift is chosen that comes from the heart and that they will truly love.

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