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5th Anniversary Gifts

Ideas For The Perfect 5th Anniversary Gifts

Every anniversary is special and something to be celebrated, but the 5th one is important as it is the halfway mark to the big 10th wedding anniversary. Getting the perfect gift can be hard but we have made it so much easier for you. We have compiled a group of perfect 5th anniversary gifts for you to chooses from.

Gifts for the husband are harder to come up with so we have a few ideas to get you started. Give him a gift you both will enjoy using like a back pack picnic set to plan a romantic rendezvous in nature together.

Men also love a great set of sterling or gold cuff links. You can have them personalized with their initials as well to add to their elegance. If he is an avid golfer then what could be more perfect than personalized golf balls or tees with initials on them so they never get mixed up.

For the wives out there so many ideas can overwhelm you at times. Here we have a list to help you along.

Memory scrap books are excellent to place the memories and greatest moments of your last 5 years together. Crystal etched or other fancy frames fall into this category as well.

If she loves jewelry and has her own growing collection of it, then give her a beautiful designed jewelry armoire to place it in and keep it safe. What woman doe not love jewelry or something to keep it in?

Of course any type of jewelry will do just as nicely too, traditionally the stones of the pink tourmaline and the blue sapphire are ones for the fifth year. So incorporate these stones into necklaces, rings or bracelets.

While we are on the jewelry note, why not make her a charm bracelet that includes charms that are reminiscent of your years together and that mean something special to you both. This would make her heart melt.

Expensive designer hand bags are another thing women love and can rarely afford themselves. For your information these are some of the most wanted Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Gucci etc.

Women also love to receive flowers of all types. Buy her an elegant arrangement in her favorite flowers and have delivered to her. For the fifth anniversary traditionally the Daisy is the flower that represents this so incorporate five in there for representation of your five years together.

If your wife is earth friendly and loves to garden, then give her the gift of a kit to grow her own tree. As the tree flourishes so does your marriage through the years.

Traditionally items for the fifth are suppose to be made from wood. Hardly anyone still sticks to this notion though. But here a few wood gift ideas to ponder.

How about a set of wicker furniture she has always wanted, curio cabinets, croquet sets, handcrafted wooden baskets or just let your imagination be the guide.

Another gift that is made from wood but can also be made especially for her are wooden music boxes. You can have them add your favorite couple song or one that means a lot to you both to play when it is wound.

Any of these would make great and much treasured 5th anniversary gifts. So take a moment to think about your loved one and their interests and then let that guide you in the right direction.


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