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10 Year Anniversary Gifts

10 Year Anniversary Gifts That Can Keep You Out Of The Doghouse

Marriage is that most sacred of unions and is considered to be a lifelong commitment for many. People celebrate each year of their time together by finding that perfect gift that allows them to express their love and devotion. One tip when selecting 10 year anniversary gifts is to avoid what many people see as the “traditional” ones and stick to the modern choice.
Traditional gifts for the 10th year of a marriage include items made from tin, aluminum and if the couple resides in the U.K., coal is among the choices. Unless the gift giver wishes to spend the next 10 years of wedded bliss sleeping on the couch, a good idea may be to avoid the coal option. Tin and aluminum do not rate much higher in showing your partner how much the last 10 years have meant to you either.

The modern selection and probably the smartest way to go is diamonds and this pretty much locks in no sleeping on the couch or the inevitable cold shoulder from a sack of coal and a card. There are many fine jewelers that offer selections designed specifically for anniversaries. There is really no bad choice when it comes to selecting a diamond to commemorate this most joyous of occasions.

These gifts can be found in earrings, pendants, rings or even brooches to help make the 10th anniversary a very memorable one. Selections for the ladies are very wide ranging and may even be incorporated into something that can come from the entire family. A mother’s ring or brooch, centered with a diamond and surrounded by birthstones from each family member, will be something she will treasure for a lifetime.

Gifts like these will be more easily found befitting a woman than a man as their tendencies lean more towards jewelry than those of their male counterparts. This is not to say that the right selection cannot be made for a man, it just may take a little more effort. Rings and necklaces are fine for some men, but the ladies may want to look into a diamond accented watch as a more practical gift and still keep with the theme of the 10th anniversary diamond concept.

Men may also tend to favor a bracelet of some type over a necklace or ring as this can easily be removed when the need arises. Rings tend to be forgotten about after wearing them for long periods of time and one misstep could cause the piece to be ruined. A bracelet can be worn on special occasions and then put away without fear of it ever getting in the way while other activities are taking place.

Diamonds are the modern and much more appreciated 10 year anniversary gifts above and beyond those of the traditional varieties. Shopping for these will likely be as much fun as actually giving or receiving them. A diamond as a gift can make the next 10 years as good as or better than the first.

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